04 November 2010

This is my final post. Goodbye Red Hook.
Raheem- who they call Petey- the most photogenic man I know in Red Hook. He appears in posts from 4/2/09, 1/16/09 and 9/19/08.Angela, who I met as she was on her way home from work last Friday.
Isabel, one of my old roommates, as we were moving out last Saturday.
The Brooklyn Queens Expressway. It's the northeast border of Red Hook and cuts the neighborhood off from the rest of Brooklyn. This negative got damaged on the bottom but I think it's beautiful.
V and Al. I met them while they were working on Al's car. When I told them about my project they were surprised that I'd had any luck getting anyone to pose for my photographs, as if Red Hook was too tough a neighborhood to trust a photographer. But then they were excited to pose for a picture themselves.
Two of the school buses that clog up the southern blocks of Red Hook, but sit here, like sentries, on a rainy morning last week.


  1. Aw man. So sad. The rainy day photos are perfectly apropos. I'll keep this subscription in my RSS feed -- if you ever have a show, can you post about it on here?

  2. Gorgeous photos. I'm really going to miss your blog, and will also keep it in my feed reader. Best of luck!

  3. So sad and so lovely. I hope you start a new one.

  4. This is great, I just found out about Red Hook (I don't live in America!), I wish there was more... one day I'll walk through these streets.

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