21 October 2010

I photographed this woman in 2008, on second day that I was trying out the Hasselblad camera, which I later bought. I didn't yet have the focusing down, but I was already in love with the thing, and how the neighborhood looked through its lens. She was sitting in Coffey Park, a stone's throw from where I live, and agreed to be photographed without pausing her cell phone conversation. I love her pink sweatshirt in the late afternoon light.

(Yesterday I dropped off five rolls of film to be developed and scanned, so by tomorrow I should have some new recent pictures to show.)


  1. I'm going to miss your blog...will you start a new one?

  2. There is so much to enjoy in the photo, like the dimensional roundness of the woman's torso and open warmth of her expressoin in complement and contrast to the empty iron circle on the bench.

  3. good to see your work andy, much love, michael jacobson-hardy